I'm very glad
to meet you here

My name is Marusia

and I am
surface pattern designer 

Beginning right from the start, trees are my main life's passion.
Especially conifers which I see as extremely architectural and dramatic ones.

I adore their forms, sharpness of the needles and hundreds of tones of green color. I think they are absolutely amazing for decoration. Well, of course as desiduous trees, that's why I have separate pattern section for them.

At the same time I like the spirit of big cities. They are so vibrant, mixing its' history with modern business centers and contemporary elements. Only because of that I intelligently put into my patterns a lot of stones, architectural details and of course — of course! — contrast color combinations. 

trees + city motion + contemporary atmosphere
the way of my design.


All pattern motifs are hand drawn.
I'm regulary replenishing and updating my collections, also can show you more patterns if you contact me by e-mail: marusia.verdi@gmail.com.
If you are interesting in patterns for textile, interior design, outdoor decoration, etc. — you are welcome! I will answer as fast as possible.

And of course

stay tuned!

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